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Announcing a 1 Day Workshop in Oslo, Norway 01-12-10

I will be teaching a 1 day Workshop in Oslo, Norway on February 8. Topics covered will include philosophy and approach to my documentary style, branding and niche marketing, model shoot and portfolio review. For additional information and to sign up, please visit

Many thanks to Interfoto, Norway and Leica Camera for sponsoring the workshop.

A kiss by the Seine 08-22-09

I love this image because it is another of those stolen moments that I am always searching for.

After stopping for a brief break to load a new roll of film into my Leica, I saw the groom leaning over for an impromptu kiss, raised the camera to my eye and captured this image... While we made beautiful engagement day memories all over Paris, there are many elements in this frame (the groom's posture, their bikes on the side of the road, the couple's framing between the trees to the right and the distant La Grande Roue to the left) that contributed to selecting this moment as my favorite.

Lisenny & Brian - An engagement session a year in the making 06-01-09

Spring is the perfect time for a NYC engagement session and I knew we would have a blast hanging out in the city... I was very happy to finally meet Lisenny and Brian after a whole year planning their upcoming 2010 wedding around my availability to document their day. I am very humbled and blessed to have such amazing clients like Lisenny and Brian... Can't wait to next year and having a blast at your wedding!

New York, New York 04-17-09

On the road again. This time, I am heading to NYC for client meetings, an awesome wedding celebration and engagement session. While I'll have access to my voicemail and email, all messages will be answered upon my return next week.

Have a great weekend!

Announcing the Inspire Workshop 03-12-09

For this workshop, I am teaming up with my friend and fantastic photographer Matt Blum. While we document our weddings using different tools, we share a common approach in presenting to clients our artistic interpretation of their special day.

To learn all about this three day experience, please visit the workshop site

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